What Does an Educational Consultant offers?

The consultant offers pedagogical support to find where a child (or an individual) has a learning barrier and how it can be tackled and corrected.
Because learning, exercise and development of the brain are interconnected and all goes together. Children with learning disabilities and behavior problem do not have fully integrated right and left side of the brain. Therefore, the evopaed can exactly locate the behavior disorder and can assign the 7 development steps of the brain.

With very simple exercises or course of movement, we give the input to both the brain areas so that they can work together and the inherent potential can be developed. The imagination, the photographical picture and the information processing will thereby be promoted. The perception, capability of expression and the coordination will be supportive; therefore, the effective learning will be easier.

Our brain has the ability to undergo intensive training, and blockade of the deficit to compensate and define new directions (synaptic connection). This means that we give new impetus to the right and to the left brain side so that it can be relinked.