Practical Pedagogy & Evopaed

With the concept of the Practical Pedagogy and the Evopaed, it has been possible to determine on which of the 7 levels of the brain development the mental block and the stress factor have occurred that hamper effective studies and work. In fact, this concept has been developed by Ludwig Koneberg and Silke Gramer-Rottler.

It’s all about balance….. Learning is a slow straighten up Process

The Evopaed owes its success to the brain research, which in the past few years has done a lot of progress and gives us accurate information on how our brain works. This new knowledge is allocated to the Darwinian theory of evolution (Charles Darwin 1809-1882). In fact, his theory tells us that the human being from the time of procreation until the age of 4-5,will undergo the 7 steps of the evolution including both organic and kinetic.

The Evopaed works with a brain model, which tells us that our brain development undergoes swiftly from the evolution of the Fish, Amphibian, Reptile, Mammalian, Monkey, Prehistoric Man to the Human being. It is confirmed that at each of these stages, we do have two polarities. For instance; Reptile – to pedal-back and to let go. In our life, we need both skills to go forward and to grow. With the help of well-directed exercises and work outs, we can be able to reintegrate the missing skills in an individual to attain the freedom of action.